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A maximum of 1000 contacts are displayed in the table. The contacts displayed are only used to check if the CSV file was formatted correctly.
 The display of how many contacts are contained in the table also serves as a control. The address book currently contains XX entries.

  • Import contacts: Here you can upload a CSV file, which must have UTF-8 or ISO8859-1 encoding.
    Format: First name;Last name;Company;Number Private;Number Office;Number Mobile
    You can also export an existing phone book. The best way to manage the central addresses is with spreadsheet office software (Excel, PlanMaker, LibreOffice...) in which you have to make sure that the fields are in text format, otherwise all leading zeros will be removed. It will then not be possible to dial any of the numbers due to the missing zeros. Before you upload the address list, export it to CSV format and upload it to the telephone system 


Please note that the old entries are deleted during import! All existing entries are replaced by the imported one

  • Select your CSV file and click Import Data.

Add, edit or delete contacts via wwphone client

Using the wwphone, you can change entries or add new ones depending on the release of this function under Users/telephones > Settings.

  1. New contact: Click on the  and enter the data in the dialogue.
  2. For Address Book, select:
    • Global to make the contact visible to all participants in the telephone system.
    • Personal to make the contact visible only to the respective user.
      The contacts are stored in the telephone system, so the contacts are displayed when using multiple devices.
  3. Finish with Save.

  1. New contact from call log: Click on the desired line with the alternative (usually right) mouse button.

    And select Add to personal address book
  2. Continue as described above for New Contact.

  1. Edit contact: Search for the desired contact in the wwphone app.

    You can directly edit or delete contacts for which the Source column contains Switchboard or Contacts.
  2. With a right click on the corresponding entry

    With Edit contact, you can change the contact.

Contacts that are in the column Source Employee have to be changed via the web interface of the telephone system under Users/telephones > User details. Ask the administrator of the system

Contact storage

Contacts that are stored in the Personal address book cannot be moved to the Global address book. You must enter the contact again.

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