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You must first download and install the software or mobile app on your device. Downloads...

The administrator of the telephone system can create an activation link for the users and send it password protected by e-mail.

3 types of activation links are available, which one is mentioned in the e-mail subject:

The respective link can only be opened once after successful password entry.

This activation e-mail only requires the link to be opened in a web browser.

By entering the password provided by the administrator, the QR code is displayed once. The configuration can now be scanned in with the wwmobile app.

For this activation mail, copy the URL provided (e.g. right-click on the link and select copy).

Click on Import in the softphone app under  Settings > Change user data.

and paste the URL from the clipboard (e.g. right-click and select paste). After OK, the import must be confirmed with a password.

Finally select mode CTI Client (only call control), softphone full telephone (with a headset) or Flex Client (in connection with the Flex Core). More info here.

As described under Softphone provisioning, but only possible with the mode; Flex Core.

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