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This function of the wwphone app is intended for use with Terminal Server or Citrix. Thus, communication of audio data is conducted through the local computer, and the operation of the SIP phone on the server. This also means that no audio drivers are needed on the server and no audio stream is needed between the server and the remote session.

The wwphone has 2 settings (modes) for this:

  • Flex-Core: This mode is on the local computer, which establishes the SIP connection, as well as the audio connection via the connected headset (audio hardware).
  • Flex-Client: This mode is the same as the CTI client, this is the control element to the connected Flex-Core.

Connecting the Flex-Core and Flex-Client is usually done using the hostname of the local computer. If the name does not match, the connection must be confirmed at the remote session login.

  • Designation: Computer name of the most commonly used local computer.
  • Username: Generated automatically.
  • Last login: Displays the last SIP login.
  •  : Delete corresponding Flex-Core.

Create a Flex-Core user

  • Click  to create a new Flex-Core user.
  • Under Settings, specify the Flex-Core designation of the most commonly used local computer from which the terminal session is started. This means that the user does not have to confirm the Flex-Client to Flex-Core connection when starting the remote session.

The username and password are generated automatically, which then need to be configured in the wwphone in Flex-Core mode on the local computer.

For details on how to use it, see Flex-Core under wwphone.