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Shortcut keys setting and other controls.

First hotkey: With this hotkey function, you can copy a number that you have marked in another application (e.g. web browser) directly into the dial field of the wwphone by selecting a key combination. The number is automatically converted into a format suitable for the wwphone.

Key combinations

We recommend leaving the proposed combination as it is. If you do want to change this, keep in mind that there are many default hotkeys, and depending on the software, some may be added.

Only for softphone mode: This hotkey can be used to answer a call via the keypad.

Action URL / command: An action can be triggered here for incoming and accepted calls. Depending on the entry, this is passed on with the specified parameters to the default browser or to a specific program.

  • The following parameters are available:
  • <src> Means the caller number.
  • <dst> Means the number called.
  • <agent> User who answered the call.

Link with tel: and callto: Customise URLs: Here you can check the settings of the operating system's default apps and adjust them if necessary. If you have multiple SIP clients on your computer, you have to decide which app to use for calls. To see which app is currently responsible for telephony, switch to the submenu item Select default apps by protocol after calling up Default apps.

If you want to use the wwphone or CTI client as the default application, you must enter the wwphone or CTI client in the entries CALLTO and TEL.

Automatically start a call via tel: callto: and numbers transmitted via hotkey: If this function is switched on, for example, clicking on a telephone number of a website will immediately start a call with this number.

Start call initiated by TAPI without query: Works the same as the previous point, but via the TAPI driver, which is often used by various software packages.

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