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In the IVR menu, you can create menus through which the caller can navigate by pressing sequences of digits. (Example: "Press 1 for accounting, 2 for support, 3 for questions").

Please note: the switchboard cannot generate automatic announcements in this case. All of the menu items that you want to use must be uploaded or recorded in advance under Announcements/on-hold music.

Structure of an IVR application

Each IVR application of the wwcommunicator has a tree structure. Each node of the tree can either take over the function of a menu again, thus creating another branch, or it can execute a command, after which the IVR application is terminated.

 The following commands are available:

  • Voicemail: If the caller selects this option, a beep will sound after the input, after which the caller can leave a message. The message will then be sent directly to the specified e-mail address.
  • Dial: If the caller selects this option, the number you configured is dialled. This can be either an external or an internal number. Of course, you can also have a number dialled that can distribute calls using a dial plan.
  • Menu: To create another branch.
  • Remove: Remove an existing step.

Add/configure an IVR application

To create an IVR application, click with the mouse on the  icon below the table with the IVR applications.

IVR name: Select the desired IVR application in the table and then enter a name for the application in the IVR name field. Confirm your input with Enter.


  1. After creating an IVR, click start: Announcement.
  2. Announcement: Select an announcement from the selection field that you have previously recorded, created or uploaded under Announcements/on-hold music.
  3. Default: Select the node from the selection field which is to be executed if the caller does not enter a digit for 4 seconds after the announcement. If you leave Default blank, the menu will repeat until an input is made. Attention: In the selection field Default, only nodes can be selected that have been configured before under Menu Options. If necessary, add new nodes as described below before performing this step.

Add a node

  1. Enter a digit or a sequence of digits in the empty input field next to New: and confirm with "Enter"
  2. Select one of the three modes DialMenu or Voicemail from the input field next to the selected sequence of digits.
  3. If you have selected the Voicemail mode, please enter the e-mail address to which the recorded voicemail should be sent in the field on the right. If you have selected the Dial option, enter the telephone number to be dialled when this menu item is selected in the field on the right. If you have selected the Menu mode, a new submenu has been created. To configure this, click on the menu item just created in the tree structure above the input fields.

Remove a node

To remove a node, select Remove in the selection field of the desired node. You may need to navigate to the appropriate submenu first.

Remove an IVR application

To delete an IVR application, click the  icon next to the IVR application.

Use an IVR application

All created IVR applications can be used in your dial plans. Note: when executing an IVR application, the dial plan is exited. After closing the application, the dial plan will not be executed any further. It should also be noted that the IVR applications only appear in the foremost selection field (participant 1) and no other participants can be entered in parallel with the IVR application. On the other hand, it is possible to run the IVR application only after other steps in the dial plan have already been executed.