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Due to the philosophy and flexibility mentioned at the beginning, there are two different locations where mailboxes can be set up. On the one hand, mailboxes can be connected to dial plans and thus public numbers, but on the other hand they can also be connected to users/telephones.

The mailboxes connected to dial plans are always used if someone has called the corresponding public number and the call has neither been answered nor linked to another number via "LINK". The mailboxes connected to users/telephones are used when someone is trying to reach someone internally by means of a short number, or when you want to transfer a caller to someone without query (also referred to as blind) and the target person is busy or unavailable.

Again, the distinction between public numbers and internal users is about maximum flexibility. This allows you, for example, to have the messages stored on the main number sent to a different address during office hours than outside office hours.

The messages that have been recorded in the personal mailbox are automatically sent to the e-mail address entered under > Users/telephones > Mailbox > E-mail address (ask the administrator of your telephone system).

The messages recorded from external phone numbers are sent to the e-mail address entered under > Telephone numbers > Number > Dial plan 1..10 > E-mail address. It makes sense to send it to a general e-mail address of the company.


In order to be able to perform these steps, the permission Can manage announcements in the web portal must be activated for the corresponding user. These can be configured by the administrator of the telephone system.

Listening to the available audio files of the announcements

To listen to an announcement over the telephone, i.e. as the caller hears it, call *201 , and then enter the ID and #.

Change announcements via telephone

In the web interface of your telephone system under Announcements/on-hold music, you can see the list of announcements with the respective ID or ask your administrator. With this ID you can change the announcement text

To do this, call *200 and then enter the ID and # , then follow the voice prompts.