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In certain companies, workstations are not permanently assigned to employees or are located at different sites. This function must be prepared by the administrator of the telephone system under Provisioning > Configurations.
You will receive the profile number and profile PIN from the administrator of the telephone system.

Re-register the user configuration to another telephone

  • Dial *000 from the phone that is to be used.
  • After the beep, enter the desired profile number and press # (e.g. 26#). If no tone is heard, the desired profile number is not available.
  • After the next beep, enter the profile PIN and press # (e.g. 3133#). Now an acoustic confirmation "saved" is given.

Shortly after this, the phone should receive the new configuration. Depending on the manufacturer, the device restarts.

Already logged in

If another telephone is already using the same profile, the other phone is logged off, it receives a so-called dummy profile, with which you cannot make calls, but with which you can log on again.


If you want to log out of a telephone (i.e. load the dummy profile), enter *000# again after dialling *000 and hearing the beep.

  • Dial *000.
  • After the beep, enter *000#.

Now your profile is removed from this phone.