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Flexible online meetings for your team

As part of the current situation, we are offering our flexible online meeting platform completely free of charge for your team. The promotion is expected to run until the end of July 2020, or while stocks last. Order your free account now via A guide to the platform can be found on this page.


  • Firefox or Google Chrome in a current version.
  • A camera which can be accessed by the browser.
  • A microphone and speaker or headset that can be accessed by the browser.
  • E-mail address of the participants.

Schedule a meeting

Log in with your account, which you have received by e-mail

The participants will receive an invitation via e-mail.

The video conference can be prepared under Conference call > Schedule conference.

Invite participants

  • Conference room: If several conference rooms are available, a selection can be made here and a pin can be set.
  • Date/time: Start date and time of the conference.
  • Dial in ... : How many minutes before the start of the conference can the participants dial in.
  • Duration: How long is the conference in minutes.

    Conference end

    The conference ends at this point, after which the participants are separated.
  • Reply to e-mail: It makes sense to enter the e-mail address of the organiser here. If not, you will not receive an e-mail if a participant responds to this invitation.
  • Location/title: The title and location can be adjusted here if necessary. The term <number> is a variable of the conference room number selected above.
  • Description: Can be customised according to your needs. The term <pin> is the variable for the PIN specified above.
  • Participant e-mail #: The e-mail addresses of the desired participants must be entered here.
  • Web access only as ...: This is intended for a presentation to prevent background noise when there are many participants.

By clicking on Invite participants, the invitations will be sent. Now the participants can join the video conference via the displayed link or dial in via telephone number and PIN, or both if the computer used does not have a suitable audio device.

Status of scheduled conferences

The overview shows the scheduled conferences and participants.
Participants can be removed with Delete. After deletion, the participant will be sent a cancellation notice.
Link copies the link of the respective participant to the clipboard and can thus e.g. be sent again.
Additional participants can be added later.

Join an online meeting

Open the link in the invitation with Firefox or Google Chrome (other browsers are not supported).
 Google Chrome is available at and Firefox is
 available at

There are 3 ways to join the conference:

 Viewers (receive audio only speaker and video.

 Receive audio (microphone, speaker) and video.

 Video and audio (send and receive)

 Present presentation audio (microphone, speaker) and own desktop or applications as video.

 Only on Google Chrome, allows device selection. This is especially helpful if your device has multiple cameras or audio devices.

For security reasons, the browser must be allowed access to the screen, video camera, speaker, microphone or headset. Especially with audio devices, make sure that you have selected the correct device.

Login failed

If "Login failed" appears during a connection attempt, the session has not yet started or has ended. Pay attention to the date and time of the invitation as well as a cancellation of the meeting.

If the connection is successful, the following buttons are available at the bottom right:

 Your own camera or the video transmission is running and can be deactivated by clicking on it.

 Your own video transmission is switched off, this also affects the presentation and can be activated by clicking on it.

 Starts the selection of what should be presented. You can choose between already opened windows or the whole screen.

 When a video conference is started, the presentation ends and the video camera is activated. When a presentation is started, the previous selection is displayed.

 The microphone is active and can be switched off by clicking on it.

The microphone is inactive and can be switched on by clicking on it.

Terminates the connection.

Multiple monitors

If multiple monitors are connected to the presentation device, it is not always possible to select individual monitors. This depends on the operating system and the settings.

In the upper right corner of the video windows of the participants, the display can be enlarged by clicking on the  icon or reduced by clicking on . Only one window can be displayed enlarged.


Browser cannot establish connection: If the connection to the microphone, camera was rejected, this can be changed again in the browser.


Click on the blocked device in the top left of the address bar.

Now press X to remove the "temporarily blocked" device and then the connection can be established if Allow is pressed this time. Once the session has started, the microphone can be muted.

Google Chrome:

Click on the blocked device in the top right of the address bar.

Now you can allow access to the device for this meeting and then establish the connection. The microphone can be muted during the current session.

MAC OS: If the following error message is displayed, you have to enable screen sharing for the corresponding browser in the system settings (System Settings >Screen Capture >Add Firefox or Chrome):

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