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So that you do not have to configure all terminals manually, wwcommunicator provides a tool with which you can automatically transfer configurations to a terminal. Here, many configuration parameters are set in such a way that an interaction between wwcommunicator and the terminal works optimally. The devices listed under Device types are currently supported.

Provisioning is especially easy when you connect sites to the system using wwgate. In this case, the terminals automatically detect during the boot process from which system the configuration must be loaded.

Each device must first be registered with the corresponding configuration, more on this under Register devices.

Preparation of the telephones

In connection with a wwgate, there is no need to pre-configure the telephone. Simply connect the telephone to the VoIP LAN of the wwgate and perform a factory reset of the telephone (for details, please refer to the user manual of your telephone or you will find some information on this under Device types) and restart the phone after setting up the provisioning profile.tele
 At locations which are not connected via wwgate, the telephone must first be prepared as described under Device types after a factory reset.

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