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Prepare RTX transmitters and telephones for provisioning via wwcommunicator

Mixed operation 8660 / 8663

Attention: from firmware version 440 b3, the RTX-DECT transmitters 8660 and 8663 can no longer be operated in the same multi-cell network.

RTX DECT Server 8660 & 8663 (initial configuration)

RTX 8660 and LDAP

With the RTX DECT transmitters, the LDAP phone book cannot be used reliably. After a connection interruption, all transmitters in the multi-cell must be restarted in order to be able to use the phone book again. This problem is solved from firmware version 450 b0006.

For RTX server 8660 from version 0355, RTX server 8663 from version 410 b0012.


For transmitters with a version older than V0380 b0012, first update to this version via TFTP.

If the firmware is newer then set the version to 410 b0012 and update.  To do this, in the web interface enter under > Firmware Update > Firmware update server address: https://wwcommunicator-URL under Firmware path: rtx, under Update Base Stations/Required version 410 and under Base Stations/Required branch 12, then load the firmware with Save/Start Update. After that, the update will be controlled via wwcommunicator.

Obtain IP address

With a DECT telephone that is not yet registered to a transmitter, press the  button to show the menu in the display. Then enter *47* , after that all transmitters with MAC address are displayed, the IP address is also displayed for the selected Mac address.

With wwgate

  1. Enter and release all transmitters and mobile phones in wwcommunicator . 
  2. Connect the transmitters to the telephony network, the configuration will be loaded automatically.

Without wwgate

  1. Enter and release all transmitters and mobile phones in wwcommunicator .
  2. Enter the IP of the transmitter in the web browser and log in with the user admin and original password admin.
  3. Change the master transmitter to fixed IP under Network and enter and save the corresponding network data.
     This IP must be defined in the wwcommunicator under Provisioning > Master IP (without VPNBox).
  4. First enter > Management > Configuration > Configuration Server Address: https://wwcommunicator-URL/Config/ for the master in the transmitter web interface and adjust the following parameter DHCP Controlled Config ServerDisabled.
  5. Press Save and Reboot.

After the master transmitter has received the configuration from the wwcommunicator, the registration for the handsets is enabled. In this way, the handsets that have been registered can be logged in according to the manufacturer's instructions.

LDAP soft key is not available

After the initial provisioning of the 8660 & 8663 transmitters, press Save under Global Phone Book in the master transmitter web interface. After a few seconds, the soft key appears in the mobile display (middle key below the display).
If the firmware of the mobile devices does not correspond to the transmitter software, the Global Phone Book cannot be used.


When placing the transmitter on site, pay attention to the distance. DECT synchronisation is not on the same frequency as the handsets and therefore has different requirements. In the multi-cell menu, the dBm value must not fall below -83.

RTX DECT Server 8660 & 8663 (modifications)

  1. First adjust the configurations of the telephones, SIP client, designations etc. then press under > Provisioning > Devices > Master Transmitter > Provisioning/Release. If a SIP login is active, provisioning starts automatically, otherwise the transmitter must be restarted.
  2. After successful provisioning, the corresponding handsets must be switched off and on again to write the configuration to the device.

Replace mobile devices

  1. On the vPBX under Provisioning > Devices, change the IPEI code of the device to be removed to FFFFFFFFFF (10x F) and provision the master transmitter. The corresponding mobile device is automatically logged off.
  2. As described in point 1, however, enter the IPEI code of the new device.
  3. Now the registration for this device is released and can be registered.

Factory settings

  • DECT transmitter: During operation, press and hold the reset button with a paper clip until the operation LED first lights up orange and then red. Afterwards, the DECT transmitter starts automatically in the factory settings.
  • Mobile devices: Press the menu key and enter *7378423* then select master reset and confirm.