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These settings are only displayed and required in Softphone and Flex Core mode.

Primary audio devices: The preferred audio device is entered here, typically a headset where the microphone and audio output is used. The ringtone here is set to the default output of the operating system.

Secondary audio devices: An alternative can be defined here if the primary audio device is not connected. The example shows a notebook, which has a built-in microphone and speakers.


If the primary audio device fails, this is indicated in the operating window of the wwphone with .

Update the list of audio devices: If you have just connected the headset and it is not yet selectable, you can press here to update the list.

Ringtones: The ringtones can be determined here so that you can immediately recognise which destination number has been dialled.

  • Internal: A call from a user who is logged into the same wwcommunicator.
  • Direct: Means the direct number entered as the direct number in wwcommunicator > Users > wwphone was called.
  • Group: Means all calls that come from external sources in which the user is registered.

Other settings:

  • Signal as busy if more than: This means that there is no call waiting after the number of calls (default setting = 1).
  • Automatically adjust the volume of the microphone: By default, this setting is disabled.
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