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To use the TAPI connection to the corresponding user, the CTI licence must be activated for the corresponding user.

Is a Windows driver for telephony, this is often used by various software packages to display entries in the customer file or to start a call.

Download the driver from wwcommunicator under Downloads.


Close all running programs to prevent data loss before starting the installation, as a reboot is required after completion.


  1. Start the installation wwtapi_xxx.exe and click next.

  2. Determine or adopt installation directory
  3. Confirm each with OK.
  4. Select Finish to complete the installation.


  1. Call up Telephone and Modem in the Windows system settings and enter the required values here if necessary.

    At least one location must be defined for the driver to be displayed or configurable.

  2. Open the Advanced tab and select the wwcom TAPI driver and click on Configure.
  3. The first step is to click on Add and then enter the data that you have received from the telephone system administrator.
  4. Then click Apply and make sure that your entry appears at the top of the list. Now you can add more.
  5. Finally, click on Save.
  6. Now follow the recommendation and restart the operating system

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