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This menu can be accessed via Settings  if the administrator of the telephone system has enabled this. As in the web interface, a conference can be started or scheduled here.

  • The active participants are displayed in the left window.
  • The invited participants are displayed in the right window.
  • Close: Closes the conference window, the conference and the invitations remain.
  • When you click on Link, the link of the relevant participant is copied to the cache and can be resent by e-mail, for example.

Start conference

  1. If there are several conference numbers on the telephone system, it is best to dial your own internal number at the top left.
  2. Dial in: With this, you dial into the conference room with the wwphone client.
  3. Invite telephone participant: Here you can enter the number or name (if available in the phone book) of the desired conference participant, who will then be called. You can repeat this until all desired conference participants are connected.

Schedule conference

  1. Schedule: Opens the conference scheduling window.
  2. Description: This text will be sent as email text and can be customised according to your needs. The term <number> and <pin> are variables that are replaced with the external number and randomly generated PIN chosen by the system when sending.
  3. Title: E-mail title or calendar entry title that will be used when sending. Can also be customised.
  4. Location: Location which is used for the calendar entry. This can also be adjusted.
  5. Dial-in possible: Determines how many minutes before the start of the conference dial-in is possible.
  6. Duration: Duration of the conference. Please allow plenty of time, it is easier to end a conference early than to extend one.
  7. Reply to e-mail: Replies to the invitations will be sent to this e-mail address. This entry remains for the next invitation.
  8. Participants to be invited: E-mail addresses of the desired participants. You should enter your own address as the first address, as this entry will be retained for the next invitation. If you want to invite more participants, you can send more invitations for the same period.
  9. Send invitation: With this, the invitation is triggered to the participants entered above.

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