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Telephone number plan

The following numbers are already used by the system:

700, 701-720, 801, 900, 901, 902

In this menu, you can determine what should happen to calls to your numbers.

The following functions are available to keep track of systems with many telephone numbers:

  • Filter: Restricts the corresponding telephone numbers.
  • Search: Searches within the dial plans for participants and entered telephone numbers.
  • Find unused numbers: In the case of large blocks of numbers, it is easy to find the telephone numbers that have not yet been used. Prerequisites for a free telephone number are: The dial plan is not overridden, all dial plans under the number are blank and the usage type is telephone. (Version KVM300 and higher)


    Parts of the telephone numbers can also be filtered, e.g. if 508 is entered, the telephone numbers containing 508 are displayed.

  • Additional header (alert info): This can be used to influence the called terminals, e.g. ringtone or automatic call acceptance... The options that can be entered here depend on the manufacturer of the terminals.

Usage types

A telephone number can have four different functions:

  1. Telephone Select this usage type if you want calls to this number to ring on one or more connected terminals. If you are using a fax adapter (e.g. Cisco SPA112) for incoming faxes to this number, this usage type must also be selected
  2. Virtual fax Select this usage type if you want to use the number in question as an electronic fax
  3. Conference room Select this usage type if you want to use the number in question as a conference room
  4. FollowMe Select this usage type if you want to use this number to reprogram call forwarding on wwcommunicator from the landline or mobile phone network

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