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This usage type allows you to use the dialled number as a conference room. If a caller calls this number, he automatically ends up in the conference room. Depending on the configuration, he must first enter a PIN before he is granted access to the conference room.

The fields to be filled in have the following meaning:

  • Dial-in number for personal conference rooms: With this setting, a conference can be scheduled via wwphone, which requires only one external telephone number for all users of the system. Requirements are a wwphone client, an internal number is entered in the User settings, personal conference room must be activated and, if desired, enter a conference PIN.
  • PIN: This is where you define the PIN consisting of digits that the caller must enter in order to gain access to the conference room. If no PIN is set, any caller can dial into the conference room by dialling the appropriate number. Therefore, a PIN is highly recommended.
  • E-mail sender name: The name entered here will be displayed as the e-mail sender name for conference invitations.
  • Allow conference management via the web interface for: Here you can determine which users are allowed to manage conferences in the web interface.

Conference call

Note that you can also invite callers to a conference. More about this in the section Conference Call.