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Click on  to open the menu.

By clicking on the , a picture can be inserted, which will appear in the display for all users.

Animation when ringing

The call window pops up and stands still.
 The call window pops up and moves across the screen.

Auto answer for Click2Call

This function is only required and available in CTI client mode.

 The call must be started on the device.
The call is started immediately. Depending on the manufacturer, the function is supported. With certain manufacturers, you can determine on the device how the call should be started, via speaker or headset. Please refer to the manufacturer's manual.

Automatic status on inactivity

Here the user status can be set automatically, the same as, for example, the screen saver or the automatic logout. You can set how many minutes of inactivity should pass before the status Be right back or Unavailable is set, depending on the setting. In addition, the Detect screen lock setting can be used to set the status at the time of the screen lock. In Flex-Client mode, the terminal session lock is detected. Default setting is never.

Detect screen lock

Screen lock detection only works when a time is set. With the Never setting, the screen lock does not respond.

Acoustic notification on chat message

A new chat message remains silent.
When a new chat message is received, you will be notified acoustically.

Status from Outlook

 Set to Unavailable during appointments.
 Set appointment subject as presence status.
 If no check mark is set for both functions, this function is disabled.

Always in the foreground

 The wwphone control window always remains in the foreground.

Status colour for groups/special circuits

If the user is logged into the relevant group or a relevant special circuit is active, this is indicated by a red dot. This can be changed here so that green is displayed instead of red.

Drag and drop without Crl = with query

 If there is an active call, you can drag and drop it to a user in the list. If this setting is inactive (no check mark in front of it), the call is transferred directly and without consultation, unless you press the Crl (Ctrl) key at the same time.
 If this setting is active, the transferred call is transferred with consultation. For a direct transfer, you can hold down the Crl (Ctrl) key at the same time.

This setting is only available in CTI client mode in connection with Yealink phones. If the direct control to the Yealink device does not work, you can switch to No direct control here.

Group registration

As an alternative to the main window, you can log in and out of the relevant groups here.

Configure call forwarding

Here you can configure call forwarding for direct numbers and internal calls. Other options include activating an answering machine or an out-of-office message. To do this, you must store the appropriate announcement texts on the telephone system.

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