Philosophy of the system

If you have dealt with other switchboards in the past, it is helpful to know a little about the basic philosophy of the system by way of introduction:

Many systems link the available telephone numbers 1:1 with terminals. If you want to distribute calls to certain numbers in parallel or sequentially to different devices, this is usually associated with additional licences and complex configurations. Calls often have to be diverted to internal numbers, which are then linked to call distribution. This type of configuration is usually very cumbersome and confusing. As a result, the wwcommunicator follows a different strategy: Each public telephone number assigned to the switchboard, to which no special function such as fax, conference room or FollowMe is assigned, is a call distribution. This has no disadvantages whatsoever because, if you assign only one device to the corresponding number, you still get the classic 1:1 link. In practice, this means the following:

A number can make one or more connected terminals ring and, at the same time, a terminal can be linked to different numbers so that it rings when calls are made to different numbers. It is also possible to include external numbers in the parallel call in addition to the connected terminals. This allows for enormous flexibility: Since ten different scenarios can be mapped for each number depending on time and day, it is possible to have numbers scheduled on different telephones on certain days. Different announcements can also be defined depending on the day of the week and time of day, and different e-mail addresses can be stored for the Voice2Mail messages. Likewise, numbers can be automatically diverted to a standby number depending on the time of day, etc.

This philosophy leads to the fact that telephones used to log into the system can only make outgoing calls and be reached internally before they are linked to at least one public number. While this can be a stumbling block when working with the system for the first time, our system allows you tremendous flexibility.

The design can be switched with the switch  or  next to the language setting.

Lic: Users / CTI users that are configured on this telephone system.

WAN IP: Public IP of this telephone system.

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