is a device that establishes a Layer 2 VPN for wwcommunicator to ensure reliable communication between the terminals and wwcommunicator. Above all, problems with UDP timeouts are solved and a QoS can be realised. It is also easy for the network administrator to configure the firewall. This leads to smooth and safe operation.


  • eth0: WAN usually as the only device on the modem LAN port or firewall LAN port.
  • eth1: LAN to the internal network where all computers and devices are connected, typically to the port of the first switch. Alternatively, if no separate network is available for telephony, also VoIP devices or telephones.
  • eth2: TELEPHONE connection for the VoIP devices and telephones with auto provisioning. The devices connected here obtain the IP from the vPBX via DHCP. Default network is:
    • Network:
    • Default gateway:
    • DHCP range:
    • Reserved:
    • Fixed IPs:
  • DC 12 V: Power adapter.

Application example