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Is a function used by wwmobile . This can be used if you have a bad data connection with your smartphone and want to make a call via wwmobile (app) and display the company number instead of the mobile number.


Dial-in number

We recommend choosing a dial-in number which is only used for this purpose or the direct dial number. If you want to reach a user of the company with the mobile phone in question, you have to wait for a timeout before the wwcommunicator recognises that it is not a callthrough.


  • Source number: Your mobile phone number. We recommend entering this in international format 0041791998877; it may cause complications depending on where you are using callthrough from your mobile.
  • Dial-in number: Telephone number from which the call was routed via wwcommunicator.
  • PIN: This serves as additional protection against misuse of this function.
  • Display: Here you select the number which should be displayed to the called party if you use callthrough.

If a change is made, delete the entry using  and recreate the entry.

Several signalable numbers are not provided for in the wwmobile (app) by means of callthrough. In VoIP mode, you can dial the outgoing number according to the settings under wwphone.


If you press  under settings, you get an extra window in the browser with a QR code. This can be scanned in with the wwmobile (app) via the smartphone camera to set up all the necessary settings for the app. A more elegant option from KVM 302v5 and higher is to click on  and send the password-protected QR code to the user via a web link.


 Here you can see all of the devices that are notified when a call is received

 This allows the corresponding device to be removed.

Here you can see when the app was switched on (1) or off (0) (KVM 300 and higher).

Active: This allows you to see the current status, whether the wwmobile app is on or off (KVM300 and higher).