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Version 3.6.0-3.6.1

New features/optimisations
  • Fixed a compatibility problem between PJSIP 2.11 and older wwcommunicator versions (KVM302 and older) with activated TLS/SRTP and Opus


Version 3.5.0-3.5.7

New features/optimisations
  • When connecting, there is now access to the buddy list.
  • When connecting, you can choose between transfer with query and direct connection.
  • Disabling DTX for better interoperability with jitter buffers.


Version 3.4.0-3.4.14

New features/optimisations
  • Logging the push token on/off with KVM300 (app on and off)
  • An additional button when connecting with query, for cancelling the query. 
  • Display which employees have activated the app (Prerequisite: PBX version KM300v2 and higher).
  • Display of the status text in the employee list (Prerequisite: PBX version KM300v2 and higher)
  • Set your own status text

Bug fixes
  • In certain situations, after rebooting the app, the call log would not show up again until you switched modes (incoming/outgoing/all, etc.).

Version 3.3.1-3.3.3

New features/optimisations
  • 64-bit version
  • Error messages regarding retrieval of data are no longer displayed
  • Update VoIP SDK

Bug fixes
  • Set identity was not taken over
  • Crash if there were no announcements on the PBX but you wanted to activate the answering machine.
  • Call log was displayed blank when starting the app if there were no to-do tasks left

Version 3.2.0 / 3.2.6

New features/optimisations
  • Android Telecom framework: Better handling of Bluetooth, call management with simultaneous GSM call etc.
  • Revision Buddy List: Avatar, personal contacts, group filters,...
  • Optimisation of memory utilisation.
  • New language variants: English, French and Italian.
  • Disabling the assembler code in the OpenSSL library for compatibility reasons (current Samsung devices: S10 and A50)


Version 3.0.3 / 3.0.6

New features/optimisations
  • Support for TLS/SRTP. Attention: in the PBX settings, SRTP and TLS must be activated first. Reason: because other firewall ports are used (TCP 5061), wwphone should not stop working after an update => the IT specialist should therefore have the possibility to plan the changeover). However, under certain circumstances, it would make sense to activate TLS and SRTP by default for new connections => as this is only intended for wwphone/CTI/wwmobile, SRTP is only activated for users with a CTI licence!
  • Group logins and logouts via wwmobile.
  • Busy status is now automatically updated when the already open app changes to the foreground.

Bug fixes
  • HTC Phones; When switching the status in the mobile and CTI client, the status on the mobile client is now displayed stably.

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