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Version 3.5.0 - 3.5.12

New features/optimisations
  • When connecting, there is now access to the buddy list.
  • When connecting, you can choose between transfer with query and direct connection.
  • Migration from OpenGL to Metal2.
  • Minor corrections regarding callthrough.
  • CTCallCenter is no longer accessed. (Was the cause of rare stability problems).
  • Switching the phone book query to https.
  • Temporary reversion from Metal 2 to OpenGL due to rendering issues when display zoom is enabled on the iPhone.
  • Disabling DTX for better interoperability with jitter buffers.


Version 3.2.8 - 3.3.27

New features/optimisations
  • Dark Mode support.
  • Improved handling of broken database, no need to reinstall the app anymore.
  • The user can disable and enable the app. Supported from the telephone system version KVM300, this means that no notifications about calls are sent to the iPhone.
  • Display which employees have activated the app (Prerequisite: PBX version KM300v2 and higher).
  • Display of the status text in the employee list (Prerequisite: PBX version KM300v2 and higher).
  • Set your own status text.
  • Uses iOS 13.2 SDK


Version 3.1.0

New features/optimisations
  • With iPhone X/XR/XS, the icons are displayed a little higher up so they're not obscured by the menu bar.
  • A long tap is no longer necessary within the buddy list, the call log, etc. to trigger the dialling process, a normal tap is sufficient (to view details of a call in the call log, a long tap is now necessary).
  • Avatar of the staff in the buddy list.
  • Display in the buddy list the same as the desktop and Android client.
  • Support of TLS/SRTP for encryption, if activated on the system (thus all wwcom clients now support TLS/SRTP in cooperation with the wwcom switchboard).
  • Filter the buddy list by group.
  • Display of personal contacts in the buddy list from the switchboard address book in the same way as the desktop client.
  • To-dos can be deleted by swiping.
  • Selection of the outgoing identity to be used (under Settings).
  • Switching tabs by swipe has been deactivated, because apparently you "don't use an iPhone like that", so navigation is now only possible via menu buttons at the bottom and the hamburger menu at the top left.
  • Switch from ilbc to Opus codec if "Use compressed codec" has not been deactivated. The Opus codec (8khz version only) has been in use with the Android client since the beginning.
  • Like in Android, there is a new Hold/Unhold button.
  • Use of the latest Gui SDK of the development environment used, which should make error messages for the rendering engine a thing of the past.


Version 2.0.17

New features/optimisations


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