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This setting appears only if the setting Activate CTI access is active and refers to the wwmobile (app) app and the wwphone app.

wwphone subscriptions: Configure here from which numbers the user should see the call log in the app and in the CTI client.

  • All: The user sees all incoming calls that have been made via a number. In this way, a user also sees those calls in the app that other employees have answered via the corresponding number.
  • All (including outgoing): Like All, but displays all outgoing calls with this number rather than just the self-dialled calls.
  • Missed: In this mode, only those calls are displayed which the user has either made or accepted, as well as those which have not been answered by anyone.

wwphone signalable numbers: Configure in this list which numbers should be usable outgoing from the CTI client and for which numbers a user is authorised to set call forwarding and make other behaviour changes.

  • Normal: This means that this telephone number cannot be diverted from the client and is not displayed in the wwphone or wwmobile (app) status Direct number.
  • Direct number: Displayed in the wwphone or wwmobile (app) status Direct number and can be diverted via client.