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The wwcommunicator can be set up, administered, managed and operated via a web browser. Access is only possible via HTTPS and can be reached via the URL provided for your system. As an administrator, you have the necessary rights to set up the system.

Furthermore, it is possible to log in with the username and CTI password under Users/telephones in order to operate and set the wwcommunicator. The administrator of the system determines which functions the respective user can operate. The following basic functions are available as a user:

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The design can be switched with the switch  or  next to the language setting.

  • Override controls: Only those appear here for which the user in question has permission.
  • Groups: Only groups in which the user is registered are listed.
  • Caller list: Only calls for the user in question.
  • Set status:
  • Conference call: For authorised users only.
  • Send fax: For authorised users only.
  • Log out:

The following functions can be enabled by the administrator:

  • wwmobile
  • Announcements/on-hold music
  • Address book

Override controls

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Here you can switch the special circuits on  and off  that have been set up and authorised by the administrator.


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Log in  and log out from the group in which the user is registered.


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After the wwmobile app  has been installed on the iPhone or Android smartphone, the configuration can be carried out here using the QR code.


To be able to scan the QR code, the wwmobile app must be allowed access to the camera.

Click on  and confirm the warning with OK after reading it. If the QR code does not appear on the screen, the pop-ups for this website must be allowed.

Now scan the QR code with the wwcom app on your smartphone.

Caller list

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Here you can view the call history for the logged in user. At the top you can set the time period and which mode (Received, Outgoing, Missed, Internal and Faxes). Faxes only appear if the administrator has set the permission for the fax number.

Set status

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How the status can be displayed and set in wwmobile and wwphone

Announcements/on-hold music

Conference call

Address book

Send FAX