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If you have installed our softphone client (wwphone) and it is up to date, you can easily start or schedule conferences with it.

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Conference call: This is used to control conferences which are available to you. Select the desired conference room number. Depending on the configuration, several conference rooms are available. If the participants dial in themselves, they set a PIN to prevent unintended participation.

Alternatively, you can invite internal and external participants; they do not have to enter a PIN. Enter the participants’ telephone numbers and/or select participants and click on Invite participants.

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Under Current status you can see the status of the respective participants, Attempted connection means the participant is being called, Connected means the participant is in the conference. With a click on Hang up, a participant can be disconnected from the conference.

titleCurrent status

The status does not update automatically. To update the status, you must click the Conference call menu again.

As long as there is only one participant in the conference room, the default on-hold music is played, which can be selected under Announcements/on-hold music. Each additional participant is announced by a sound in the conference room.

If you want to invite an additional participant, simply enter the number or select the participant and click on Invite participant. The existing participants in the conference room remain connected until they disconnect or you click Hang up.

titleHang up

After hanging up, the participant is not prevented from dialling into the conference again unless he/she has been invited beforehand and does not have the PIN!

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