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Open the link in the invitation with Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (other browsers are not supported at this time). Google Chrome is available at and Firefox is available at

There are 3 ways to join the conference:

 Spectators (microphone and camera are not active)

 Audio only (microphone and speaker or headset are active)

 Video and audio (microphone, speaker or headset and camera are active), a presentation can also be started during the session.

 Presentation: Microphone and speaker or headset are active and the selected screen or window is transmitted.

 Only on Google Chrome, allows for easy device selection. This is especially helpful if your device has multiple cameras or audio devices.

For security reasons, the browser must be allowed access to the screen, video camera, speaker, microphone or headset. Especially with audio devices, make sure that the correct ones are selected.

Login failed means that they are outside the scheduled conference time (from, to, date, time). Logging in is only possible within the specified time.

If the connection is successful, the following buttons are available at the bottom right:

 Your own camera or the video transmission is running and can be deactivated by clicking on it.

 Your own video transmission is switched off, this also affects the presentation and can be activated by clicking on it.

 Starts the selection of what should be presented. You can choose between already opened windows or the whole screen.

 When a video conference is started, the presentation ends and the video camera is activated. When a presentation is started, the previous selection is displayed.

 The microphone is active and can be switched off by clicking on it.

 The microphone is inactive and can be switched on by clicking on it.

 Terminates the connection.

Multiple monitors

If multiple monitors are connected to the presentation device, it is not always possible to select individual monitors. This depends on the operating system and the settings.

In the upper right corner of the video frames of the participants, the display can be enlarged by clicking on the  icon or reduced by clicking on . Only one window can be set to large at a time.

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