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Functionality and purpose of the app

Our app was developed with the goal of enabling our customers to always have one foot in the workplace. This means that you can access the address book stored on the switchboard while on the move, check which calls you have missed, contact customers via the mobile phone using the office telephone number, call employees using the internal number and flexibly store and remove call forwarding and announcements for numbers.

The greatest possible flexibility is one of the main requirements that the majority of our customers place on our solutions. Often you are back at work later than expected and still want to be reachable on the road to provide good customer service, without the customer noticing that you are currently not in the office. Or a meeting takes longer than planned and you want to offer the customer the possibility to leave a voicemail message in the meantime.

Thanks to our app, you are not only able to change the behaviour of your switchboard with a few clicks from anywhere and thus always remain reachable, but you can also reach your customers on the move without revealing your mobile phone number to them: If you call your customers back using our app, the customer will not see the number of your mobile phone on his display, but the number of your company workstation or optionally another number from your number block.

Furthermore, thanks to our app, you are able to take over and continue an ongoing call that you make on your company phone with your mobile phone.

We hope to be able to support you optimally in your work process with our app.


With this app, the call can be made via callthrough. This means: Your mobile phone connects to the switchboard and the switchboard in turn connects to the destination number you have dialled. If this is an external number, then in addition to the connection charges from your mobile phone to the switchboard, the connection charges from the switchboard to the customer are also incurred.

Why should callthrough be used instead of VoIP? Our main focus is currently more on providing the most reliable service possible. A connection via VoIP with the mobile phone has several disadvantages:

  • Even in the most advanced mobile networks, variations in latency and throughput are very high. In addition, the sometimes high rate of transmission errors should not be neglected. While a website takes a little longer to load with poor reception or high latency, telephone calls become unintelligible. The quality of the call is therefore very much dependent on the quality of the connection, and much more so than when a call is established via a classic mobile phone connection.
  • Many mobile providers explicitly prohibit the use of the data connection for VoIP in their contracts.
  • VoIP over wireless would be qualitatively sufficient in many cases, but even in wireless networks the quality is not always satisfactory. In addition, many hotels only allow surfing and emailing on their wireless networks.

Of course, despite our concerns, you are free to use our app as a VoIP client with our switchboard. However, to do this, you must always adjust to the current environment you are in.

Preparations on the switchboard

To be able to use the app, you must first make some settings on the switchboard under wwphone and Callthrough. If you are not the administrator of your switchboard, the administrator should make the necessary settings. In this case, ask your administrator for the necessary access data.