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Call signalling

The display of the call window may differ depending on the mobile phone manufacturer.

Answer call.

Decline call.

Active call

Here the display of a call, which is active.

Clicking on the speaker icon  activates handsfree talking.

By clicking on Bluetooth  , the corresponding output source can be selected.

The microphone icon  can be used to mute it.

Pressing the pause key  puts the call on hold.

Pressing the Play key  reconnects the caller.

Connect to

3 options are available for the second call.

  • Under Destination number, you enter the telephone number (internal or external number).
  • Under Search ..., you can search and select in the buddy list.
  • An internal participant can be selected directly from the buddy list.

Tip: if you frequently want to connect calls to specific external contacts, you can use wwphone / CTI to add the contact to the PBX address book and then drag it to the buddy list. Such external contacts then appear in wwmobile's buddy list.

Start transfer

With query: First talk to the target participant and then connect.

Cancel: Cancel the operation.

Without query: The call is immediately connected to the destination participant.

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