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wwphone displays all calls made from the telephone linked to it in a separate pop-up. In this way, you have the option during a call to end it directly at the touch of a button, to add a note to the call or, if you are conducting several calls, to connect participants of two calls.

Start a call

There are three ways to start a call:

  1. If you want to contact one of your employees, you can do so by double-clicking on their contact in the contact bar.
  2. If the person to be called has been entered in the phone book of the switchboard or other contact sources, you can search for the person to be called directly in the search field under Contact search. As you type, a box will automatically appear with contacts that match your search criteria. As soon as the name you are looking for appears, you can start the call to the corresponding telephone number with a mouse click on the desired entry.
  3. You can enter the desired destination number directly in the number field and dial the entered number by pressing the Enter key or Call.

In CTI client mode, after you have started the call, depending on the Setting Click2Call, the connected telephone will start the call in the set mode (speaker or headset). Or your telephone will ring and the display will show CTI as the caller and the number dialled. As soon as you answer the call, the desired participant is automatically called.

Incoming call

You can accept an incoming call by clicking on  or in the CTI client mode on the connected phone or in the softphone mode via hotkey, which is configured in the settings.

End a call

Click on  in the pop-up of the desired call or end the call directly via your telephone in CTI mode.

Connect Toggle

As soon as you have established a connection via your telephone or softphone, it is possible to connect the call partner to another participant directly via wwphone. To do this, click on the button  in the pop-up from the active call.
 First you dial with or without query, then the CTI groups, own groups, and the contacts of the group Not sorted and the option for dialling an external number are displayed. The contacts of the corresponding group are displayed in the further pop-up. Now select the participant to whom you want to connect your call partner. You have the option to click the  button to put the call on hold before clicking the  button.

User list

 In addition to the CTI groups created by the administrator, you can also create your own groups in the user list. Add your own contacts and users who are not in a CTI group to the list. See under Operation.

Or you can drag the  icon to a contact in the user list. Depending on the setting, the call is connected with or without query. By pressing the Crl/Ctrl key simultaneously, you can bypass the basic setting with or without query.

Record a call

The possibility of recording a call depends on the setting of the user.

To record a call, click the  key during the call. As soon as the  key is pressed, the recording is started. Please note: The part of the conversation that has taken place up to this point is lost. The recording is stored on the telephone system and downloaded after the call is ended. A save dialogue appears with a name suggestion, where you can still adjust the file path and file name.

Legal notice

For legal reasons, you may only record a conversation if you expressly inform your conversation partner that the conversation is being recorded!

Add a note to a conversation

You can add a note to a call in several ways. If you want to add a note during an ongoing call, please click on the  button in the pop-up of the corresponding call. 

An input field will then open automatically in which you can write your note. After you have finished your note, you can save it on the system or:

  • Clicking Send note as e-mail will automatically open your default e-mail program, if you have an e-mail program installed on your computer
  • Send as chat to a participant of the same vPBX or a linked vPBX.
  • Clicking Bexio it tries to link the phonenumber to a contact in the adress book or a contact can be choosen. The Not with the call data will be saved in the time recording of Bexio.

It is also possible to add a note to a conversation afterwards or to edit a note. For details please refer to the section Caller list.

Set displayed number

For outgoing calls, you can define for yourself which number is to be displayed to the call recipient. The prerequisite for this is that your administrator must have added numbers in the User administration of the switchboard under wwphone signalable numbers, which you can signal. To change the number to be displayed, select the desired number in the Display selection field. If you select anonymous for the display, your number will be suppressed.


This function is only available in softphone or FlexCore or FlexClient mode. Up to 10 calls can be connected to each other.

In this example, you can see 2 calls on hold.

By clicking on , each call can be connected and is therefore in this conference.

By clicking on each call can be connected and is therefore in this conference.

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