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The app is available free of charge in the current version for Apple devices in the Apple Store , and for Android devices in Google Play . Just enter wwmobile and install the app .


Data connection

The complete address book from the switchboard is loaded during installation and stored locally. Since, depending on the size of the phone book, a large amount of data is required for the transfer, we recommend synchronising with the switchboard in a WLAN. Or at least a good data connection via the mobile network.

When you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked if the app can access your contacts. If you want to make calls from your contacts, press Allow. You will also be notified that your mobile phone's data connection is being used, press Continue here if you want to use the app.

Before using the app for the first time, you need the access data.
Via access to the wwcommunicator, the QR code can be displayed under > Users/Telephones > wwmobile > by clicking on  or a password protected link can be sent by e-mail by clicking on . After confirming the message or opening the link with password confirmation, you can scan the configuration with SCAN QR CODE. For the link and access data, ask your system administrator.
 Of course, you need to allow the app to access the camera and confirm that you want to use the app to make calls. After that, Contacts loaded successfully appears, which means that the Address book of the telephone system is available.

QR Code

Please note that the data in the QR code is not encrypted. The QR code is therefore not suitable for offline archiving of access data or for unencrypted transmission!

For the manual setup, you need the following access data:

  • URL: URL of switchboard (wwcommunicator).
  • Username: On the wwcommunicator under > Users/telephones > Access data.
  • SIP password: Can be found in the same place as the username.
  • Dial-in number: As above under Callthough > Dial-in number.

SCAN QR CODE: Here you can scan in the access data via QR code if the user data changes (see above).

Registration does not work

If the client does not let you register and the user / password is correct, it may be because the CTI client is not activated under Users/telephones > Settings in the wwcommunicator.

Then the contacts are downloaded from the telephone system. Just confirm that you want to use the app to make calls and you're ready to make calls.

Address book vPBX

To be able to access the contact data quickly, it is stored locally. When changes are made to the address book on the telephone system, they are only transferred again when you press Synchronise contacts.

Other settings


Here you will first see the access data as described above.

Call mode

  • Outgoing: Here you can set the outgoing calls as you want to make them. 
  • Selection: Every time you call, you'll be asked: VoIP or callthrough.
  • Always VoIP: For calls from the wwmobile app, the calls are automatically started via VoIP (default setting).
  • Always callthrough: Here the calls always go through callthrough via your telephone system.
  • Incoming:
  • Selection: As above, but for incoming calls.
  • Always VoIP: As above, but for incoming calls (default setting).
  • Always callthrough: As above, but for incoming calls.

Cost control

Remember that outgoing and incoming calls via callthrough incur mobile charges to your PBX dial-in number.

VoIP settings

  • VoIP identity: Here you can determine which telephone number you want to show to the called party. If not set, the number is used under > User > Settings > Displayed number. The administrator of your telephone system determines the available telephone numbers.
  • Audio backed: Depending on the device type and manufacturer, you can adjust the codec setting here and check which setting improves the quality (default setting Android JNI).
  • Sampling rate: This is also used for device or quality adjustment, also in connection with headsets.
  • Exclude from power saving: This setting is necessary for certain manufacturers to ensure that calls are signalled.
  • Use compressed codec: (Default setting: Active).
  • Activate Echo Canceller: (Default setting: Inactive).

Callthrough settings

  • Use the data channel to dial the destination number: When calling via callthrough, the data channel can be omitted if this function is switched off. For example, when calling from abroad, data transmission can thus be dispensed with (default setting: Active).

Data channel process

Normally, the process for a callthrough is as follows:

  • The switchboard is contacted via the Internet connection and is told which destination number you would like to call. In addition, your telephone already authenticates itself, so that no authentication via the telephone connection is required for the following callthrough.
  • The telephone dials the dial-in number. As soon as your mobile phone is connected to the switchboard via a dial-in number, the telephone number previously transmitted via the Internet connection is dialled.

In certain situations, you may want to perform callthrough without a data connection. For example, if you are abroad and want to avoid data connections or if you do not have an Internet connection at the moment. If you deactivate the data channel, the destination number and PIN must be transmitted via key tones. This is done automatically in the background as soon as the connection to the switchboard has been established, but the entire process is extended by about 15 seconds.

No data connection

If data channel is active and the app cannot connect to the switchboard via the Internet, you will automatically be asked if you want to use callthrough without a data connection as an exception. In this case your settings will not be changed, the mode will only change for the corresponding call.

SYNCHRONISE CONTACTS: If the address book has been updated on the switchboard, it will need to be reloaded into your app so that you can access the latest version. You can do this by clicking on Synchronise contacts. Note that this process takes a while and may require downloading a large amount of data. Therefore, it is recommended to synchronise via WLAN.

CLEAR CACHE: This is necessary if the settings under wwphone Subscriptions have been changed. The reason is that the data of the call log is cached locally and only the new and modified entries are inserted or modified in the local cache. This avoids the need to download large amounts of data. If the settings for the visibility of entries change, this is not taken into account in the cache. The function removes all cached data.


Depending on the softphone manufacturer and headset manufacturer and type, the Bluetooth functions are available. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer concerned.

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