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Depending on the manufacturer and device, the menu items may change.

Add the telephone device

  1. Switch to the Provisioning menu.
  2. In the Devices tab, click on the  below the table with the devices already recorded.
  3. Click the newly created entry in the table.
  4. Enter a name for the device in the Designation field.
  5. In the MAC/IPEI field, enter the MAC address (for desk telephones) or IPEI (for DECT handsets) of the device.

    MAC representation

    MAC addresses are usually represented in octets or bytes: 00:33:55:00:01:02 or 00-33-55-00-01-02 or 003355-000102 or 0033.5500.0102.
    Please note that only the : (colon) is removed, otherwise please remove the additional characters when entering (003355000102).

  6. If you want to give the device a static IP, enter it in the Static IP field. This function is only available with a wwgate!

    Static IP, only possible with wwgate

    To avoid IP conflicts, please use addresses from the range -
  7. Please select the correct manufacturer and type from the list.
  8. Click Save
  9. Provisioning/release:  This releases the retrieval of the configuration for 10 minutes. Within this time, a device can retrieve the corresponding configuration. If there is an active SIP connection, the device is prompted to retrieve the new configuration

Provisioning with an active SIP connection

Provisioning is not triggered if a participant is using the telephone for a call.
Depending on the manufacturer or parameters, the corresponding device is restarted.

Access rights

Configurations can only be obtained from locations that have been released under access rights.

Further parameters depending on manufacturer and type

  • Language: To set the language to something other than the language defined in the General Settings for this device.
  • Auto-update: This will automatically load the current recommended firmware for the corresponding device.
  • Provision LDAP: The use of the central phone book can be switched on and off here. Do not forget this function must be activated under Address book.
  • Provision phone book: Switch the use of the phone book on or off.
  • Special settings: Additional parameters can be set or overwritten here, e.g. VLAN. A selection of parameters can be found under Device types > Manufacturer.
  • Airsync group: See DECT multi-cell systems.
  • Role: See DECT multi-cell systems.
The next step is to create a configuration.