The data for the Flex Core on the local computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) is only accessible to the administrator of the telephone system. Can be found in the wwcommunicator menu > Flex Core > Access data.

The username and the CTI password for the Flex Client are stored in the User/Telephones menu.

The connection between the Flex Core and the Flex Client is automatic if the Flex Core designation matches the local host name of the computer. If this should not be the case, for example in the company the hostname is correct and therefore works automatically, but when working from home it does not, a dialog appears asking for the desired Flex Core designation .

By clicking on  you can select the corresponding designation.

The Flex Gui connection attempt dialog appears the first time you connect to the workstation or get a corresponding response. The following answers are possible:

  • Allow this time: The next time you try to connect from this workstation, you will be asked again for the setting.
  • Always allow this user: The next time you try to connect from this workstation, this dialog will no longer appear.
  • Don't allow: This will abort the connection attempt and the server will display the corresponding message.